Residential Ground Protection Mats

Our ground protection mats are a simple, temporary barrier that shields the ground or grass underneath it from damage. Smoothing down the uneven surface improves the overall ability for equipment to access key areas. Anti-slip properties may be provided by ground protection mats, providing additional safety for workers and the property, regardless of weather conditions. In addition, the protection of grass, roots or other landscaping is its primary objective.

Here at Green Pond Environmental, LLC we provide quality residential and ground protection mats in West Milford that are easy to install on even surfaces and protect the grass and vegetation around the driveways, sidewalks, backyard, front yard, etc in the residential properties. So if you are doing your own updates or have a contractor doing updates and require residential ground protection mats then you can call us at 855-281-8333 or click here to contact us online.

Residential ground protection mats

Why Use Residential Ground Protection Mats?

There are several benefits that come with using ground protection mats. They are ideal for heavy machinery in the construction sector. These are great to use if hiring tree trimmers, you have trucks bringing in soil, or have any other landscaping equipment in your yard. All of these very lightweight mats are constructed out of a material called fibrous polyethylene.

Our customers love that the mats have anti-slip properties. The risk of slipping and falling significantly increases for events with mud, snow, sandy, or other slick or uneven surfaces. The surface of the grass is exceedingly slick and dangerous to walk on. Because of this, you want a flooring material that is resistant to slipping. As a result, these mats can be put along the work area to prevent falls on slick areas. They provide a non-slip surface that may be walked on without the fear of falling while protecting the grass.

Trust Us for Reliable Residential Ground Protection Mats

Here at Green Pond Environmental, LLC our residential ground protection mats are lightweight and easy to transport as well as to lay out on your surfaces. Whether you are doing work on your home or have a contractor doing work, trust our affordable residential ground protection mats for your job. Call us at 855-281-8333 or click here to get a free estimate.

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Our crew loves these mats! They are lighter than others we have purchased but still durable! Handles on all sides also make them very easy to maneuver. Customer service was also excellent! Thank you for the lovely service and great product!

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We called and order mats and she notified me same day that they were out the door on a truck. Also saved a thousand dollars by ordering thru Green Pond Environmental. Thanks Stephanie!

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Quick responses every time, answered the questions that were asked, mats were available they day they were promised and fast loading!

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