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Jersey Silt Sock Silt Fence Alternative

Jersey Silt Sock: The Most Cost-Efficient Sediment and Erosion Control Solution

Jersey Silt Sock, powered by FILTREXX, is a linear, mesh tube containing a composted wood median that is free of contaminates. Use silt sock on job sites as an alternative to silt fence to control sediment and to help filter storm water pollutants. 

Silt Sock Versus Silt Fence

Effective — By allowing water to filter through organic tree compost contained within a mesh tube, silt sock controls the rate of water flow while trapping sediment. Silt sock has full contact with the ground, preventing water from flowing underneath.

Easy to install – lay it down and stake it in place.  Jersey Silt Sock is flexible and contours to the ground. Unlike silt fence, silt sock does not require trenching and can be installed on frozen or uneven ground. Jersey Silt Sock is also an excellent option for use in environmentally sensitive areas or areas with underground oil, gas or sewer lines that can not be trenched.

Easy to remove. The compost filtration material is biodegradable, so when the work is done, all you need to do is cut it open and spread the contents over the job site. Removal of silt fence requires used material to be hauled away, which adds time and cost to your project.

Prevents flooding of the job site. Jersey Silt Sock acts as a filtration system, allowing water to flow through the organic media contained within the mesh tube. Silt sock traps sediment while controlling the rate of water flow, which prevents pooling. Silt fence is designed to keep water in, which can result in a flooded job site.

Environmentally friendly. Jersey Silt Sock is made of organic filler sourced locally from trees — no post consumer compost — and is free of weeds, seeds and contaminants. At the end of the job, the composted material can be spread into existing soil, increasing organic matter, improving soil quality and reducing waste.

Aesthetically pleasing. Silt sock has a low profile, which helps maintain the appeal of the property while work is being completed.

Low maintenance and reusable. Stakes keep socks in place so they are not subject to damage from heavy winds and weather. With proper handling, smaller profiles can be easily moved from one job site to another.

Powered by FILTREXX. Made of heavy duty DuraSoxx HD, the sock material is engineered to be tough and long-lasting. Depending on the environmental conditions, the life expectancy of the sock is 2 to 4 years. 

Pre-Filled and Palletized Jersey Silt Sock


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