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Green Pond Environmental is a distributor of WinFab Geotextiles

WinFab offers a complete list of products including high performance geotextiles, civil and environmental non woven fabrics, a wide variety of silt fence for commercial or DOT applications, ground cover fabrics, and many more products for the construction industry. 

Please visit for a complete list and spec sheets. 

    Woven Geotextiles

    • High Tensile Mudulus
    • High Performance
    • Monofilament
    • Silt Film

    Non Woven Geotextiles 

    • Civil
    • Paving
    • Environmental


    • Biaxial
    • Uniaxial

    Custom Fabrication Available

    • Geotextile Tubes
    • Geotextile Bags
    • Geotextile Panels
    • Dewatering Bags
    • Inlet Filters
    • Landfill Covers


    Call Stephanie Wright at 973-776-6890 for a quote or email